Pastel Xpress 2009

Pastel Xpress 2009

Pastel Xpress software makes the management of these business just as simple!
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Pastel Xpress 2009 10.1 is an comprehensive accounting shareware designed for small business. It can be also used for big companies with small accountancy needs. We can purchase the product directly from the developer’s website. We can register and request a demo and they will send you home by post. The demo is available free of charge and will work for a 30-day period or 200 transactions, whatever comes first. It has a very intuitive and friendly user’s interface. At the demo version, we can select tasks from a list (Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, and General Ledger). From the icons at the top, we can access Customers Documents, Suppliers Documents, Cash Book Entry, Bank Reconciliation, Journals, Point of Sales, Edit Customers, Edit Suppliers, Edit Inventory, Graph/Financial Ratios, Run Reports, Launch docs, Business Intelligence Center and Dashboard, Explorer, Notes Facility, Internet and Help. There are many more options available, such as file, edit, process, view, change, setup, utility, etc. We create quotation, sales order, tax invoices, debit and credit notes, import/export (batch-file supported), send and receive account data, in a few seconds. We can buy additional modules and update the program to our needs. Please refer to the developer’s website for a full list of modules, services, etc.

Review summary


  • Free demos and training courses available
  • Extra modules and services
  • Friendly user's GUI
  • Accountant Tasks can be done fast and neatly
  • Excellent program for small business


  • None
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